You Need To See My Dog Run

Just watch as we

Walk to the paddock gate


She does


Her tail twitches

I pass the chain through

Gently I push


Her eyes are on me

The gate swings wide


She’s buzzing



You’ll see her leave my voice behind

in an instant

You need to see my dog run

She runs like the wind

On steroids

She’s all muscle

Covered in shiny black

The sunlight streaks

Across her fur

And she almost glows

As she’s flying like a superhero

You need to see my dog run

As she bolts for the dam

So close to the edge

She runs through the water

Almost grinning her head in half

Call to her, go on,

Call Shadow! Shadow! Shadow Puppy!

Watch her ears prick up,

Watch her see you

Call again, Come on Shadow Puppy!

She’ll line you up

She’ll decide

Then, she’ll run

With all the power she has

A rocket straight towards you

You need to feel my dog run

Right past you

Then you’ll know how still you are

There is nothing like

The raw joy that pushes her forward

Or you could close your eyes

And hear my dog run

As she thunders through the paddock

Like a horse

Just watch

Then you’ll know what it’s like

To see freedom in motion

And longish grass

To feel power hurtling at you

Covered in mud

To hear joy connecting with the earth

You need to see my dog run

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