The Dinnertime Sword

There do come times in life when giving up is ok. Actually, it’s more than ok, it’s essential for sanity. I’m sure we all have a story to illustrate this point. Perhaps it was giving up the hope of a particular lover, or the ongoing tension with your boss wasn’t really worth it after all and it was time to give up the fight. I’m giving up on dinner.
Here’s why:
“Muum? What’s for dinner?”
“Zucchini slice.”
“Eew, I don’t like that. Make me spaghetti.”
“I beg your pardon? That is very rude. Plus, you don’t get tell me what to make for dinner.”
“But I don’t like that!”
“Muuum, what’s that?”
“Egg and bacon pie.”
“I don’t like it. I’m not eating it.”
“Well, that is dinner. You ate it last time.”
“But it’s yuck!”
“There is no other food. If you don’t eat that, you’ll be hungry later and you’re not getting anything else.”
8:30pm: “Muum, can I have a sandwich? I’m hungry.”
“You should have eaten your dinner.”
“It’s not fair!”
I have given up the following:
  • cooking anything too experimental. She ain’t gonna eat it. Miss 21 months isn’t too bad. She doesn’t tend to eat much of anything at the moment though, so giving her a bit of whatever we are having is easy.
  • the fight. I know what Miss 5 won’t eat, so I now don’t bother even giving her things I know she’ll turn her nose up at. I just am so very much over her thingy voice imploring how much she thinks something is disgusting.
  • worrying about her eating vegetables all the time. There is some sort of vegetable consumption success most nights (even if it’s just carrot sticks), but really, if there is a night where she just has ham on toast, then whatever. Actually, last night it was jam sandwiches.
The only time I can get Miss 5 to see her dinner and say “Oh, YUM!” is when I serve up 4-5 small bowls each with a different thing. For example it could be one bowl for each of the following: carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, stras or ham, grapes, dry biscuits, peas and corn (sometimes still frozen) etc. Or maybe when it’s chicken nuggets. They occasionally make their way out of the freezer, into my oven and onto her plate. But, she has to eat her peas, corn and broccoli (with butter on of course) before they even get placed in front of her.
I do still cook things that just myself and my husband eat, and usually make something separate for the smalls, but that only happens if the something separate is super easy, like putting different things into bowls and presenting it on a tray. Or in a lunchbox. Miss 5 loves to have her food compartmentalised, so I’m going to run with it. I always said I wasn’t going to fight meal time battles. I forgot that for a while, but now I’ve totally hung up my sword. It might even get rusty.
Are you still wielding yours?

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