Letters To My Daughters: Things I Love About You

I have two daughters. Zoe is 4 and Sadie is nearly 1. I’ve started writing letters to them for them to read when they are older or for me to read to them anytime. This first one is for Zoe:

Zoe green tutuDear Zoe,

It’s early on Sunday morning and I’m sitting on the floor in your room watching you sleep. Your fabulous curls, well, some of them, are sticking straight up on the top of your head and straight out over your ear, kind of the way you might see them drawn on a funny cartoon character. You look very comfortable all wrapped up in your Minnie Mouse doona.

Today I just want to tell you about all the things I love about you. Are you ready? 🙂

I love it how you run to greet me when I come from from somewhere, or when you do. The smile on your face is just the best thing ever and will be something I’ll always cherish.

I love how you stroke the back of my hair when you’re giving me a cuddle. That just makes me want to cuddle you forever.

I love how much you love pink and princesses. These aren’t my favourite things but I know they are yours and I think it’s fantastic that you get so excited about them.

I love that you aren’t afraid to be yourself and say what you do and don’t like without worrying about what anyone else thinks. I know this is because you are little but I hope you can always be yourself and be happy with that.

I love your crazy curls. They really make you look like you and I think they are just beautiful. I promise to help you look after them a bit better too.

I love how you love books and how you always ask for stories. One day not so long ago we went to the library and you ran in the door yelling “Books! Books! Books!” very excitedly. I love how you always want to borrow the junior fiction books even thought you can’t read them yet, but you love to carry them around. You usually pick the pink ones and anything with ballerinas, princesses, or unicorns on the front.

I love how you always forgive me when I do something wrong like yell too much. When I say sorry you usually give me a cuddle and say “That’s ok. You never do that again, alright?” very seriously. That makes me smile and I try my hardest never to do it again.

I love how much you love Sadie. You always greet her with a big smile and say “Hello Bubba Lugs!” in just the same voice that I use. Sadie really loves you and I hope you two are always good friends.

Oh! There’s a big breath and a little snore from you. We had a late night last night with Jemima, Elle and Jo here so you’re having a bit of a sleep in this morning.

Hmm, what else do I love?

I love that you ask me questions about all sorts of things now, usually by saying “Why?” But you also often ask me what something is called because you don’t know the word and you usually repeat it perfectly.

I love the cheeky grin you have when you’re being a bit silly. You really are very funny.

I love your expression when we give or show you something you like. You put both hands up to your mouth, open your eyes wide, take a gasp of air and say something like “Oh! It’s beautiful! I love it!” or you don’t say anything at all and just gasp with excitement. It’s just the funniest and cutest reaction.

There are lots and lots of things I love about you and I’ll write more of them down as I think of them.

Lots of Love from Mummy.

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