tweeting up: a rhyme for teachers in the twittersphere


This rhyme has been specially written for Lesley Cioccarelli who helped me with my GoFundMe campaign, well, a long time ago. Lesley and I met up one day in a cafe in Canberra and it was her first ever ‘tweet up’ so that was my inspiration for this rhyme. Hope it brings a smile.


TWEETING UP: a rhyme for Lesley and other teachers in the twittersphere

There is nothing to be scared about
No need to be shy
Just tweet away what you’ve got
and you’ll get an @ reply

You’ll send an @ reply right back
It really is quite simple
Look on your keyboard above the two
And use the old @ symbol

Like that, right there, would you believe
An amazing thing is done
A relationship that wasn’t before
Might have just begun

The chatter will then take off
Conversations might fly right past
You’ve got to keep your fingers ready
Get them going really fast

Then it all goes up a notch
When eventually you meet
This person or these people
Who were no more that a tweet

At first you may not be entirely sure
Exactly with whom you’re speaking
Their avatar’s a little different
And well, you’ve done your own tweaking

But then the question “Do you tweet?
I’ll follow if you do.”
Then you both exchange your names
And loudly say “Oh that’s YOU!”

After that you laugh and laugh
And laugh and laugh and laugh
“We’ve known each other for ages online
Now here’s the cross in our path!”

Off you go at lightning speed
Chatting without barriers
Aren’t you glad face to face conversation
Can hold more than 140 characters!

Image credit: Twitter Buttons as OSCON by Garrett Heath

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