the thinking behind song o’ the morning

Song o' The Morning screenshot from facebookSong o’ The Morning is a Facebook page I’ve set up. Every morning I ask what song people have started the day with. Here’s why I created it:

It occured to me not so long ago whilst cooking and singing along to John Farnham, that I hadn’t played any music for a while. Seeing as a good sing-along is indeed good for the soul and Miss 4 does love a good dance-along I wanted more music around more often. I thought making the effort to play some every morning would be a good way to get the daily grind moving without too much squeakiness.

I then thought that I could also do with discovering some new music and one good way to do that would to ask people on Facebook what they are listening to. I figured there might even be some who are also interested in trying to start the day with a good song. If a few people shared this information then that would lead to hearing some new songs as we all try together to get more music into our days.

So begins Song o’ The Morning.

What tune did you listen to this morning
to help chase away all that yawning?

Share it with us here!

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