the year of very little tv

televisionHarry Cunningham will still be on my list of things to watch. I mean Silent Witness. Even when the story lines get a bit too much about the pathologists private lives and then getting way more involved in a police investigation that I can believe they do in real life, even then I’ll still watch. It’s an escape. Hmm, an escape into blood, guts and murder. Cool.

So, I’ll still watch that, and I might keep up with a couple of other ABC beauties like Moone Boy (it’s laugh out loud hilarity, you should try it!) But really, I think I’ll give most other things the arse. I used to try to stay up to date with Grey’s Anatomy until the characters got way too pathetic and annoying. However I’d still watch for a while, getting increasingly annoyed in order to…avoid doing whatever else it was I was supposed to be doing of course!

You see, things don’t get done if you don’t do them. Oh bloody hell, listen to me would you! Wise Woman of the Year! 🙂 Well, it’s true. If you keep having the idea that you want to write more, and you don’t actually make the time, then it doesn’t happen, no matter how much you want it or how good you think you will be. (I’ll be brilliant  – just wait). So I’m giving most TV the arse. I don’t think I’ll miss much.  Harry and I will still see each other, and I’ll make time for Rob of House Stark when the time comes. But I’ll also try to make friends with some books. I’ve got one about travelling to Fairyland that I’m yet to finish and one about a ship’s King that is appealing. Can’t remember the last time I got through  a whole book – but I don’t blame Harry for that. I blame Meredtih Grey! 🙂

So, here’s to 2013 – The Year of Very Little TV and More Books.

Is there anything you need to give up to make room for something you’ve been meaning to do more of? (Oh and this is not a stupid New Year’s Resolution – I don’t do those ridiculous things!)

Image is White Noise by benleto.

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