wouldn’t it be nice if…

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…we had more space for all these animals we seem to keep collecting?

Yeah, maybe one day.

Wouldn’t it be nice if….
…we didn’t have to look out the windows to see 8 foot high fences?
Yeah, that would be good. One day.

Wouldn’t it be nice if….
…we lived somewhere where we could hear more bird noises?
Yeah, maybe next year.

Wouldn’t it be nice if….
…we could get to know a new town and new people?
Yeah, that’d be good. See how we feel in a couple of years.

Wouldn’t it be nice if….
…we had a more relaxed space?
Yeah, maybe one day.

Fuck ‘one day.’ Screw ‘maybe.’

Wouldn’t it be nice if….
… we moved to the country?

So we did.

Now I wake up to birds not cars.
It’s nice.

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One Reply to “wouldn’t it be nice if…”

  1. So true Jess- I have woken to the sound of lyrebirds an the cool breezes of the mountain for twenty years now and can’t imagine going back to suburban life. Just remember the cup of chai rule so you can really savour what you have. Hope you can visit here sometime with the fairy!

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