The Door – a poem for the New Year

I originally wrote this poem for Rodd Lucier as part of my crowdfunding campaign to get to Unplugd12, (an unconference for educators in the Canadian wilderness) and never posted it here on my blog. The start of a new year seems like a good time to release it into the ether:

The Door.

It’s incredible what we can’t do if we tell ourselves so
what it is that will get in our way and what lines we will willingly toe
If we don’t sit and think, if we don’t stand and say
that we will take a chance and do things a different way

What was done before us matters not so much anymore
don’t ignore it, but don’t let it hold us back from the door
that will allow us to step into a future we treasure
that will let us make a difference that we may not be able to measure

because we know that it’s our turn to make change
to say we are who we are and that the future we want is in range
we will not stop cause someone said we can’t, it’s too hard
it’s them that doesn’t understand, not us that will drop our guard

I dare you to take on the challenge you set
and the goals for our kids that you think should be met
because really there is just no chance like today
to think, to stand up, to gather and say

that our time is now, our time is right here
there’s no doubt we can make our passion outstandingly clear
we love what we do and we love to learn more
so here’s to us, our conversations, and whatever’s behind that door.

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