Technology Does Not Fit

Another poem written as a reward for a donation to my GoFundMe Campaign to get to #unplgud12. This one is for Jarrod Robinson who wanted a poem that could be a discussion starter for teachers in technology workshops. Jarrod, I hope this starts some conversations for you! Thank you for your donation. 🙂

Technology Does Not Fit

“Technology does not fit, there’s no place I can see

to let it get in amongst my students and me

 but I’m told it’s handy, it can change what we do

really, I just want to see the year through”

 Ah, you old fool, we sit there and say

you’d better catch up or you’ll lose your way

 and the students, well, they will know you’re out of touch

but does that really matter to you all that much?

 If it doesn’t then you’ve definitely missed a bit

of what it takes to really make connections that fit

 Take on this challenge and don’t be so stressed

and embrace what could have you teaching at your best.

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