I Share Online – a poem

Here is another poem as a reward for donations to my GoFundMe campaign to get to Canada for #unplugd12. This one is for Brian Metcalfe and Ghislaine Barbe (from AIS NSW). Brian suggested the topic of teachers sharing online, so here is the result –

I Share Online

I share my work online because when I do

I hope I’ve added something that’s useful to you

I share my ideas online because then I know

That you adding yours will then help mine grow

I share my pictures online because then you can see

A little bit more about what makes me me

I look for your work online because I know that it could

Help me shape mine like no other would

I look for your ideas online because I want to think

About new perspectives, opinions and make my own links

I look for your pictures online because it does make me smile

To see a different side of you every once in a while.

 To make the Internet such a rich space to trawl through

I share online what I can and I’m rapt you do too.

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