The Journey Not The Speed

As part of my GoFundMe Campaign to get myself to #Unplugd12 in Canada my reward system was to write a poem of a certain length for a certain amount. So, for example a $25 donation is rewarded with a 6 line poem, $50, 10 lines and so on. However, what happened was that I was not able to restrain myself to 6 lines – instead for this particular poem I ended up with 20. So, I’m giving the same poem to two people and hopefully that is seen as fair! 🙂

So, here is my first one. It’s for Sandy McLeod and Jeannine St Amand, both of whom were lovely enough to donate $25 to my cause of buying myself a plane ticket to Toronto  – all in the name of improving teacher education.

The Journey Not The Speed –

 Start small they say

That’s the best way

To reach that big goal

At the end of the day

But you want it post haste!

There’s no time to waste!

This might be when 

There’s a truth to be faced. 

For anything we would

See as really quite good

Probably took some time

As it most definitely should

Because time helps us make

Those ideas we take

Into deep understandings

That we really can’t break

So we really should concede

It’s not patience we need

But a deep appreciation 

Of the journey, not the speed.

2 Replies to “The Journey Not The Speed”

  1. Thank you Jess, this poem is really quite apropos to my situation.  While I do appreciate my journey and have come to some deep understandings (some formed at unplug’d11) I can be somewhat impatient with the speed at which my education system is travelling.  Thank you for the reminder that small steps with many people will (eventually) get us where we need to go. 

    Enjoy the unplug’d12 experience!

    1. Thank YOU Jeannine! I think this sort of message is a good reminder for all of us from time to time – whether it be about slow moving education systems, seeing a project come to life, teaching a toddler something… 🙂 I remind myself of all those times when we complain about how fast time goes and then think that possibly we aren’t moving that slowly after all 🙂
      i can’t wait to get to #unplugd12 – the conversations are gonna be awesome I know it!

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