Why I Like The Daily Create #3 – Video. Of Me. More Than One. Sorry. :-) #ds106

I dare you…to put yourself out there!

Oh alright, alright, I’m not the sort of person who needs to be asked twice. I’m not shy. Which sometimes is a good thing. Other times…notsomuch.

ANYWAY, with this Daily Create thingo I’m doing – check it out here – there are a few video assignments that ask us to make short videos on various topics and share them.

I think this is cool mostly because…oh bugger it, I’ll make a video about why….that would make sense wouldn’t it?!

Soooooo….the thing is with my #ds106 videos – that the tagging didn’t work! I sent them to YouTube from my iPad and when I’ve gone back to see them on my computer, the two or three tags I put on were just run together, so they wouldn’t have made it to the feed on the ds106 TDC site. NO AUDIENCE FOR ME! 🙁

If you record a video and noone sees it, did you really record a video?!

Anyway, I did them, albeit a bit late, so here they are, right here, re-tagged and ready to go….

Do this tongue twister in one take:

Fluffly Duck Tells Jokes (record yourself telling a joke – don’t read it – ok!)

A Video showing an object in motion:

My Keychain and Me: (forgot to say in vid that here in Aust they are called ‘key rings.’ #justsayin)

A quick daily update:

do share your thoughts...