Why I Like The Daily Create #2 – Audio

I dare you to….. LISTEN!

That’s it, just listen. Closely, dammit, shut up! Just listen.

What do you hear?

Have you heard it before? REALLY? I mean, have you really heard it before?

Audio is special. I reckon. I’m not sure it gets enough currency in what we do today. Video is everywhere, but just audio, well, notsomuch. Also, I did hear someone very wise not so long ago say that if you don’t have a visual  then you are really are letting your story down. I’m not convinced. I like leaning back and just hearing something and coming up with my own images. Not that images aren’t powerful, but audio on it’s own can conjure up some great images in our own mind’s eye…don’t you think?

Anyway, because of this interest in audio on it’s own I’ve created an audio blog which I’ve been keeping for a while now. It’s got various life sounds on it, (and a few images to accompany them) and can be found here at Life Sounds Like This. Not long after I joined the #ds106 community, smarty pants Michael Branson Smith had a very clever moment (I’m assuming you often have these Michael?! 😉 and played some of the sounds on my audio blog all at the same time. It was cool and somethingI’d never thought of doing. Here is the result:

Anyway, I digress and self indulge…so I shall get back on track!

Audio. The Daily Create.

Ok, so like, there are audio tasks to do, too. Just like how the photo tasks make you think and see things differently, well, of course, these tasks make you think and HEAR things differently.

Henry Ford apparently said that “Thinking is the hardest work there is which is why so few of us engage in it.” I’m engaged alright, Henry?! Good grief….

So, hearing things differently – I even recorded the sound of myself making vegemite and cheese on cruskits for lunch! Pfft, the things #ds106 makes me do! 🙂

It’s really important to listen carefully I think. Lots of audio happens around us and we miss a lot of it in our hurries. Stop. Just listen. What sounds are you creating?

Here are some of mine:

Record the sound of a meal you ate or made:

Make a recording of two sounds not normally heard together:

Making music from an everyday object:

Record the sound of the most lively laugh you have made someone do: (well, variation on a theme…)

Record the sound of something that brings you comfort or makes you feel safe – well, singing along in my loungeroom does just that!: 

These Daily Create tasks are my favourite really. I like the idea of sound with no picture to it, just the raw raw sound.

So please, everyone, listen to what is happening around you. Close your eyes. Just appreciate the sound.

I dare you…

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