Why I Like The Daily Create #1 – Photos

I dare you to …. see things differently…

Well, right, it’s like this – you know, you get into a community and you say you’re gonna do all this stuff, and you have, like, the best of intentions and then it falls…..away….

Not so here!

There is this community called, like #ds106. It’s about digital storytelling and there is this thing in this community about making art. Dammit, ppl, make some ART!

Oh, alright then, if I have to…

So I did. And it’s surprisingly easy. Well, part of it is.

Check the Daily Create.

Each day a little art-creating task is posted. Short things that shouldn’t take too long, and they don’t. There are photo tasks, audio tasks and video tasks. Here I’m going to babble on about my experience with the photo tasks that I’ve done so far. So…

…sit down, shut up and LOOK! Here is a selection of the pics I’ve added for the Photo Daily Creates –

Make a photo that looks better in black and white than the original:
Mr Tips. #ds106 make a photo that looks better in black and white than the original @ds106TDC

Show a finished product and at least one of it’s raw materials: (gee, guess what country I come from! 🙂

A finished product and it's raw materials

A photo that visually represents a sound:


An extreme close up of an everyday object:

Don't too close or I'll staple you!

Two related objects of drastically different sizes:

Another for #tdc22 two related objects if drastically different sizes

A picture that represents or expresses something loud :


Now I can tell you, I would not have taken most of those pics if it wasn’t for the Daily Create. I like this little photo tasks because –

  • they make me look at things differently
  • they make me notice little things about regular everyday stuff
  • they make me stop and think and see different details of my surroundings
  • they make me think differently about the things that are immediately around me
  • they are easy to do

You are very clever, aren’t you Kim Droom – building small successes in to your tasks. There is no failure in the daily create. Your work is immediately up there with everyone else’s. It’s your interpretation, your vision, your experience, captured in still. For all to see. To SHARE. Your ART. MY ART. I’m quite proud of my lot I must say. I think I did alright. But, I’m quite proud most of all because of the way it makes me think and look at things, to re-imagine my most immediate environment (I take most of my pics at home). The end result is not necessarily the most important part of the process.

Anyway, there are audio and video tasks too and I’m going to blog why I like them next…

do share your thoughts...