A Very Social Melbourne

I’m discovering so many cool new things that are happening in Melbourne this year, and I will be attending one of them as many Friday mornings as I can.

Very early.

In the city, which is quite a significant distance from my place, which means

Getting up very very early, and I am not really a…

Morning person.

But I made it yesterday to #socialmelb! and it was great, so I will go back.

#socialmelb is a group that was started by Kate Kendall that meets at 8am every Friday at 1000 £ Bend @ 361 Little Lonsdale Street and is for anyone interested and working in social media. So, those who come are from lots of different sectors and backgrounds, which is the beauty of it.

Everyone who is there writes their name on the napkin and a photo is taken and posted to Twitter. Following the #socialmelb hashtag is the best way to find out what’s going on.

Yesterday I met someone who works for Sensis, a travel writer, an online travel community host, and someone that supports start ups for students at Melbourne Uni. Oh, and a guy who writes and is putting together some cool stuff to help sort apps, but I already knew him. (Hi Dan). It was a small gathering apparently, probably due to the Australia Day holiday, so I’m keen to go again and see what a regular week is like.

So, I will deal with the

early mornings.          And I will go along and have my

chai latte.                      And chat chat chat away with

interesting people.

Better set the alarm clock.

4 Replies to “A Very Social Melbourne”

  1. Hi Jess,

    I’m glad you enjoyed your first #SocialMelb gathering. I was not there on the 27/01 because I had tickets to the tennis the night before.

    Just to let you know I compile the information from the attendance napkin in two places:

    1) A Twitter list called @infoholic/socialmelb. If you want to keep up with post of #SocialMelb attendees just follow this list.


    2) A Google Spreadsheet (http://bit.ly/SocialMelbList) that contains the Twitter names of attendees and on which day they attend.

    I suppose you could call me #SocialMelb’s roll call monitor 🙂

    I hope to see you at a future #SocialMelb.


  2. Hi Jess

    This is Jieming from the Specialist Cert course. I am brawsing the other students blogs from the course and I discovered your new blog. You blogs have got great contents. You are doing so much… great!  I am learning things from you.
    I have no motivation to develop my blog because I have not got any Chinese teaching work.  
    I am feeling a bit frustrated with no teaching work and not able to offer my knowledge to the students :-(. Everyone tells me that not easy to get a Chinese teacher position in the school.

    1. Hi Jieming!
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Sorry I haven’t got back to your emails – I will!
      I guess it isn’t easy to get a Chinese teaching position in a school. Lots of the jobs are part time too which can be inconvenient. Just got to keep trying though – and keep networking with other Chinese teachers. Have you joined the Hanyu Laoshi network? That would be a good place to start – http://hanyulaoshi.ning.com
      Anyway, good luck, keep reading and learning, and hopefully something comes up for you soon.

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