#ds106 – Am I Out Of My Depth?!






I can tell that this damn #ds106 thing is going to –

  • Most definitely challenge my technology skills – bloody animated gifs! Now I’ll have to learn how to make them. Plus a whole host of other arty stuff that I’ve never done before. Pfft!
  • Gonna keep me thinking about how to do things all the time. Good grief, don’t you people know I have enough happening around here?!
  • Gonna make me look at things in a much more creative way. While I’m picking up after all my pets or my toddler mind you. Great.
  • Put me in touch with a new network of rather creative people. Oh for goodness sake, another one to maintain?! Tho none that ‘breathe’ quite like this one…and I’ve only just dipped my little tootsies in so far…

There are people doing assignments already, and the damn course hasn’t even started yet! Hmmm, ooh some ideas there for my own students…hmmm…

So am I out of my depth with all that I don’t know? Fat chance! Move over peeps, I is here! (and if it wasn’t 1am and I didn’t have toddler that is likely to get me up at 7am then I’d sit up now and figure out how to make one of those damn gif thingies).

Oh, better read me some more cool books and watch more groovy movies so I’ve got some good fodder for all this arty stuff. Recommendations welcome. What are your all time faves? I’m a bit behind, so help is welcome. Cult films, old films, anything.

Damn you for this living, breathing creation #ds106 peeps, damn you for invading my life with your challenges and arty-ness. I’ve only done the daily create so far, but have the weekend free-ish… It’s all your fault if I end up with an addiction and obsession – I’ll send you the bill for the therapy! 😉

Image attribution – Ocean mountain clouds alaska

10 Replies to “#ds106 – Am I Out Of My Depth?!”

  1. Jess!
    Welcome aboard. Jump in, the depth is deep but you won’t drown. I promise.
    The art *IS* the therapy. I use it all the time to work through things I’m dealing with.
    I am not really up on cult films. I use the films and books I love and I hope you do the same because I want to know more about what you find interesting, why and what you find compelling about these things in particular. If films and books aren’t your thing, then what about music videos, your favourite bands, or the latest youtube viral youtube video. Even televisions shows, commercials from your youth.
    What media has influenced who you are as a person? What is interesting about the media you encounter on a daily basis?
    Art is a way of exploring our own ideas. There isn’t a wrong and we are always trying to do it better; just like life.

    1. Hi! Super excellent point – had not thought about the advertisements from my youth. GREAT IDEA! Yes, see I do love a good movie as does everyone, but am not in the loop when it comes to them really, if that make sense! thank you for those questions, they really are going to be handy when I’m sorting through and thinking about things.

      Oh, and I am jumping in, that is for sure. Feeling totally outside my comfort zone to be brutally honest, and haven’t experienced that for a while, but that is what keeps me coming back at the moment. Hovering on the edge and thinking…”could I? do I dare….? am I cool enough…?!” silly, I know, and I laugh as I write it, especially as I can hear myself giving advice to any of my students if they said those things. Nothing to lose, so much to learn! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what I make of all of this – have no idea what is going to happen. AWESOME!

      Thanks for stopping by. I love this community already. 🙂

    1. Phew, glad to know someone else was thinking the same thing! Over the past couple of years I’ve been on top of almost everything I’ve done, even been the one doing the leading, giving the workshop etc. Now, this, not being in a school this year and networking outside the education field mean lots of being part of the class again. It’s cool, and a little nerve wracking 🙂

    1. Hey Michael, nice to meet you! Glad you liked the Life Sounds Like This blog. There are some crackers on there. If you go to the very first post on there you will hear the best ever sound in the entire world 🙂 How funny that you made a mash up. Can’t wait to see it (link above doesn’t work for some reason). Plenty more of my work out there already and lots more coming. I’m going to be surrounded by secret agents and ghosts this year…curiouser and curiouser… 🙂

  2. Well, Harold and Maude the book and the movie. Being There, the book and the movie. And ah, Jimi Plays Berkely (movie) and Johnathan Livingston Seagull, movie, album and book. 

    I think those are cult like. I behave kinda culty when I think of them…

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