Construction Begins


I dare you to… construct something new.

So that is what I will do.


Well, you see, it is so that sometimes the old is no longer where we fit. Interests change, definitions change. It’s not at all that the old is totally left behind and ignored. It was indeed the old that brought me to the new. I wouldn’t have the new if it wasn’t for the old.

So my new construction is this new blog. Somewhere new to write about anything and everything that interests me, to explore new topics that I thought may not have fitted before, in the old construction. To join and contribute to new communities that before perhaps i didn’t think I had time for, nor did they fit in that construction of old. Ooh, how exciting…

image attribution Building Construction by Cuba Gallery

2 Replies to “Construction Begins”

  1. Always exciting! I always go through a phase of changing my layout/colours/header image 1 million times… What are you hoping to do here that didn’t fit before?

    1. Oh, I know the feeling of changing layouts etc. I’ve got a nice theme all lined up for this blog that will happen in the next couple of days.

      Well, you see, my other blog, my main one up until now, is about languages teaching and technology. I have a small following for that one – of languages teachers who want to know more about technology in the languages classroom. I don’t want to write about that specifically anymore, or at least didn’t want to have to link everything I wrote about back to languages and technology. I found myself thinking less about that sort of stuff and more about things in a general way. I did often stop myself from blogging as I simply though the audience was expecting something I wasn’t giving them. That felt a bit restictive. At least here, without the umbrella of it being too specific in content, I can add anything I am interested in. That’s quite liberating. Does that make sense!? 🙂

      So here, that didn’t fit before, are things like storytelling, and poetry and the goings-on in those sorts of communities that isn’t second language learning based. So maybe people will read this because they are interested in what I am saying or writing about, as opposed to being interested in a subject specifically and expecting something from it. How self-indulgent! Yikes! 🙂

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