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  1. Hi Jess … You are going to love this “story”.

    I was glancing over the list of new DS106 participants and saw your name (which initially did not mean anything to me). I next searched out your profile and visited this blog thinking I might gain some insight into whether you were an educator or not. I was not too discouraged when I saw your opening question “Will anyone read it?” I was not surprised that Jim Groom (aka The Reverend) had the first reply because he was the first to welcome me as a newbie to DS106 this term. However, I then checked out your blog “About” page and was skimming through … when I noticed the words “Chinese”, “Melbourne” & “Australia”.

    I immediately minimized your blog, and thought “Wow … I know somebody that I should link Jess up with … if I could just remember the person’s name”. What I do remember was how excited Darren Kuropatwa’s son & daughter were when they got this mysterious letter, from Australia, containing a Chinese character/symbol. Being somewhat experienced (not older :-), I could not remember all the details. I frantically searched my Diigo bookmarks for “Australia” & “Chinese”, thinking I must have bookmarked something about this activity. Unfortunately nothing showed up!

    I was about to send a direct mail tweet to Darren (as we are educational colleagues who live in the same city) asking who this “mysterious woman” was, who had engaged his children so creatively. But then the brain cells kicked in and I thought … “No … I’ll go and see if there’s any information on this individual in the K-12 Online Conference.

    Eureka … thank goodness for archives!

    Guess what I found out? The Australian woman who creatively spun an amazing adventure, was “Agent 42”! Furthermore, I was the first one to comment on her K-12 Online conference “Black Line Mystery” presentation.

    Jess … you have got to meet Agent 42! 🙂

    Wow … is it ever a small world!

    Thanks for caring & sharing and joining this DS106 community of learners.

    Take care & keep smiling 🙂 Brian

    1. More or less the blog equivalent of trees falling in the woods.

      It matters less if someone reads it (you can check that off your accomplishment list- Brian’s story along is a large gold nugget) but that you keep writing… the blog is more for you than anyone.

      And start making some art! Check out the new Daily Create http://tdc.da106.us

      1. Hey Alan,
        Thanks for stopping by! I do have to laugh that I’ve had a few comments in this post as it was a tongue-in-cheek thing to see what it looked like on this theme. I totally agree that it’s less about who reads it and more about the fact that it keeps you writing. I’ve been blogging for years but have decided to make a fresh start due to feeling a bit cramped over there by what I ended up feeling the content should be. Here I can make it whatever I want, no subject restrictions and. o expectations. I haven’t been so excited about blogging in ages! I even wrote a poem about blogging while ago. It’s

        I’ve started creating some art. Did a black and white photo. Off to check out daily create again now.

    2. Brian, you’re right – I did love that story! It’s funny that you should mention Agent 42 as I ave heard much about her recently. She works for The Council Of Chiefs apparently. I’ll have to find out more about it all. Even funnier is that the kids at my school last year told me I look ALOT like this Agent 42! Well, I suppose the world is a fairly small place after all 🙂 I have a feeling that this year my world will be about secret agents. Oh and ghosts. Stay tuned for that one!

      Thanks for the welcome, rapt to be riding along. 🙂

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